Well Done You!

Seriously NOT ENOUGH people give themselves the space to pause and ask... and I am so stoked for you because something as simple as this has completely changed the direction of some of my clients lives... and for others it's confirmed and grounded them in where they are.

I am so excited to walk you through this powerful, simple visualization exercise to craft clarity, gain perspective and point you in the direction of building your perfect life. After all, it's YOUR life, are you living it how you want to?... a perfect life is just perfect days strung together.

Find a quiet space to tune in, get still have no interruptions and give yourself the next 10 minutes to see what comes up for you.

Make this experience as real as possible to assist in reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Pause the video to allow yourself enough time to answer and create the experiences for you. Why is this important? It gives you a change to pause in your busy day and actually see, are you on autopilot or intentionally creating the life you want?

I would LOVE to hear what comes up for you. DM me on IG @danyadouglashunt here.

Ariana F.

Whenever I’ve been coached by Danya,

I always find the subtle ways I’m getting in

my own way. I consider myself to be a pretty self-aware person, but Danya’s questions
always shed light on something I haven’t uncovered on my own. With Danya’s
support, I’ve not only found clarity around my business, but also discovered what was holding me back from seeking more support during my pregnancy journey.
Thank you for everything you do, Danya!

Taylor W.

I started working with Danya in one business and realized I was not aligned in what I was doing anymore. It felt like this constant struggle, frustration and just "heaviness". It was through Danya's coaching that showed me I was dealing with a LOT of imposter syndrome and self doubt, preventing me from truly trusting myself to pivot into the business I ACTUALLY wanted to be doing, but was too scared to. Now I don't even recognize that old version of myself and am doing what I absolutely love to be doing in a completely different field!

Elizabeth H.

I just wanted to give a super amazing shout out to coach Danya who really helped me get out of my circumstance. I’m a high performing entrepreneur and I was really struggling with getting a hold of my health and fitness while running my business and family, and she helped me stop working from where I am and start working from where I want to go. I started making decisions as if I was already
a healthy and fit person and it really just helped me get back in the yoga studio like five days a week and it's completely changed my life, my energy, how I show up and and my health and I'm so freaking grateful

Cynthia T.

I run a multiple 6 figure business that I love...but realized the business was running me, and I was reaching my max. I was burnt out, stressed all the time, even when I had down time I couldn't relax because my mind was always thinking about work and what

I had to do. My relationships and health were being impacted and I knew something had

to change. Danya help me uncover massive limiting beliefs I had around control, perfectionism, fear of failure or getting it wrong, it was like I was in this perpetual state of anticipating something bad was going to happen without realizing it.

Glynnis C.

I am a walking, talking one as I tell people online and in my personal life often that working with you is one of the best things

I’ve ever done for myself, my life, my business and my personal growth. I can see her coaching in all of my decisions I make and

she helped me in ways I didn't even realize

I needed coaching in and my business had

its 100k Launch and just came off a

70k launch and a big part of that was the mindset coaching I did with Danya.

Eva C.

Danya is such a bright light in the coaching world! She’s my go to for who I truly
trust with my mindset. As a coach, she really cares and gets down in the trenches with you around what you’re struggling with. She’s so caring and intuitive yet she doesn’t hold back and she catches all the things that I can’t
see for myself and challenges me and works me through it. I’m truly so grateful for her coaching and she’s helped me change my life and the direction of my business!

About Danya

Danya is a former Olympic Athletic Therapist & Strength and Conditioning coach turned multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her main focus is helping high performing entrepreneurs master the inner game, build mental and emotional fortitude and slay the “invisible dragons” (self sabotage, fear, limiting beliefs etc) holding them back from their next level of income, impact and inner peace.

She is YES SUPPLY certified Neuro-Linguistic Programing Practitioner (NLP), Life + Success Coach, TIME Techniques™ Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Emotional Freedom Techniques facilitator (EFT).

Outside of her own business,
she is trained and coaches for James Wedmore, a few other masterminds, and does Performance coaching for Purelife Organics. She has been featured on multiple platforms such as MSNBC,
NBC, CBS, various publications and
every podcast platform,
check out more on her website.

When she isn’t coaching, you can find her either lifting, kickin' someone's butt in settlers of catan, or adventuring outside on a beach or mountains with tea and her big dog named Tabata 🐶

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